Cochlear Implant Life: How to Travel with It

Having a Cochlear Implant (CI) is a big adjustment in anyone’s life. This does not mean that their lives are put on hold. People with cochlear implants can still travel—provided that they take proper precautions. That is what we will be discussing today.


Before Travel


There is no sense in travelling if you are going to put yourself in danger. When you have had a cochlear implant, it is important to get clearance from your doctor that you are well enough to travel. Travelling by plane can and will put a lot of pressure on your ears. As such, your doctor can prescribe you medication that can help with any discomfort and even give you tips on how you can travel well. You may even ask how to process your patient ID card.


Have a separate bag for your health necessities

Having a separate bag that is easily accessible by you or someone travelling with you is important. This bag can contain your audio processor or your extra batteries. It should also contain hygienic items like small cleaning wipes or a brush for your microphone. When travelling is it always important to have spares like cables.


Read up on where you are going

When going to a completely new place, go online. Try to figure out where you can go in case of emergencies. It would be smart to list down any important numbers that you may need beforehand.


During Travel

Do not keep your CI info to yourself

If you are travelling by yourself, it would be important to inform airport staff that you are a CI user. This can help them facilitate a better experience for you regarding x-ray scans or boarding. It may be a bit difficult if you are someone who is not comfortable with drawing extra attention to yourself. However, as emergency situations can occur, the airport staff will be able to keep you in mind in case an evacuation order is given. Remember, loud volumes may lead to some distortion in the processing of the sound.

Always keep your health bag near and your patient card handy.


At the Destination

Be honest about your condition with the resort staff

Normally when they check you in, they will ask you if you have any preexisting conditions. It would be important for you to say that you have a cochlear implant. This way they can actually put you in rooms that are further away from any extra noise that may disturb your rest.


Double check your room doors

It is important that you always make sure that you are safe. Always bolt your door shut—do not rely on the keycard all the time. During the times when you may have your CI out, you will not be able to hear anyone come in through the door.


Relax and enjoy

Travelling is a pretty big adventure no matter what age you are. It would be important to take into account the journey you have accomplished. Just keep an eye out for water. If your vacation or trip will involve getting wet, it would be best to bring the CI that is made for water use.



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