Everyone Needs to Know: How to Effectively Communicate With People Who Have Hearing Issues

Ignorance is no longer bliss. When there is someone in your family who has hearing issues, it is important to learn the ways on how to effectively communicate with them. Today, we discuss the different ways how.

Hearing loss is a big event for anyone. If you were to experience hearing loss, you would want those around you—especially your loved ones—to be able to effectively communicate with you. If communication is not reestablished, it can lead to the deterioration of the condition of the person with hearing loss. Even when there is a hearing aid, it is important to brush up on effective and respectful ways of communication. Feelings of isolation can start to creep up. This is why it is important for everyone to learn the simply ways on how to communicate with someone with a hearing impairment. Here are a few tips:


Never address them from a different room

Proper communication must be done face to face. The person with hearing issues must be able to visually recognize the fact that they are being spoken to.


Get their attention properly

Hearing aids get a bit of getting used to. So if the impaired person has a hearing aid, you should not expect them to get 100% proper hearing right away. There are also issues wherein the volume may be put in too high. By getting their attention, they can determine if hearing is ideal.


Speak to them distinctly but naturally

If there is anything a person with a hearing issue will hate is if people try to gesture a lot and speak too slowly. While speaking slower is advised, it is important to address the person as naturally as possible. Do not raise your voice more than necessary as the higher tone and volume can distort the words that you are saying.


Economize your words

There are always better ways to get your ideas across. It may take a bit more effort, but having someone who takes the time to think about what they say so you can better understand it is quite wonderful.


Write it down

If the topic or subject of your conversation is about directions or reminders, be kind and just write it down. It will help them digest each part of the instruction better and it will give them something to refer to if they forget.


Be patient

Remember, it is not about you. Living with hearing loss or hearing impediments is a truly difficult process. Yes, the adjustment might take a while and it may take quite a bit of effort but things are ultimately better if everyone keeps their cool—because the hearing impaired person may not always be the calmest person in the room (especially if the hearing loss is sudden or because of an injury).


Final Notes

If you are still unfamiliar with how to communicate with someone with hearing impediments, it would be in your best interest to enroll or join in aural rehabilitation classes with the impaired individual.



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