You and Your Ears: the Major Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing is an important part of our biology. As such, it is critical that we be made aware of the best ways to care for it. Today, we take a look at the major causes of hearing loss in adults in the American public. There has been a rather unfortunate spike in the number of adults and children who are experiencing damage in their ears which lead to subsequent hearing loss.

The thing is hearing loss happens over time and kind of creep up on you. That being said, it is important to educate yourself on the very real reasons why millions of Americans are losing or damaging their hearing. Here are some common causes:


Consistent Exposure to Loud Music

Consistent Exposure - You and Your Ears: the Major Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

Remember when mother said to keep the noise down? She was not wrong about that one. Since the invention of the headset, more and more people are cranking up the volume. It may not seem like it is something so damaging when you listen to a song or two. However, if you pile up all the instances that you listened to something truly loud (and as such close proximity to your ears) you will end up with a pretty bad picture.

Loud noises often make your eardrum vibrate more than in should when it is processing the sound. If you are not careful, you can actually end up with Tympanic Membrane Perforation aka broken eardrum. It is not just your ear drum that you put in danger when you consistently listen to loud music. Consistent loud noises can tear up the cells of your cochlea. If you are not familiar with that organ, it is the tiny little thing that sends sound signals to your brain.

If you damage those cells, the efficacy in which they transmit signals to your brain will dull over time. Over time, it may not even be able to process those signals at all—this means that you have fully landed into loss of hearing.


Ear Infection

Ear Infection - You and Your Ears: the Major Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

If you have ever had a really bad case of the flu or even a cold, chances are that you have experienced a bit of difficulty with your hearing. Often, an infection like a cold can lead to fluid getting trapped in the middle ear. If the ear infection is not treated properly or immediately, it can lead to gradual and eventual hearing loss or even permanent damage to the ear.

If you feel any sort of itching or dull hearing in your ear, it is important to get yourself to your general practitioner’s office. Do not wait to contract a fever—some infections come without them. They will be able to give you a pretty suitable idea of what you can do to battle your ear infection successfully. Do not ever be stubborn about being assigned medication for your ear infection. People have actually died from refusing to take their ear medication.



Remember - You and Your Ears: the Major Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

You are your first and last line of defense in protecting your ears and hearing.



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