Spotting the Early Signs: Indicators Your Child Has Hearing Loss

Parents and elders are always the first line of defense when it comes to the wellness of the young. Today, we discuss the indicators that may point out that your child has hearing loss or hearing issues. As children and teenagers are still developing on a biological standpoint, it may be a tad difficult to ascertain if they are legitimately experiencing hearing loss or are simply refusing to reply.

The important thing that you must look out for is consistency. If your child is consistently showing these indicators, it is important that you get them checked out by their pediatricians immediately:


Raised voice when speaking

If you have ever listened to loud music through a headset and tried to communicate, chances are you were speaking loudly. This is because humans automatically adjust the volume of their voices in a manner that their ears can pick up efficiently. It is a biological thing and it is something that most people may not even realize that they are doing.

So when your child has a sudden spike in volume when they are talking (and you have asked them to tone it down repeatedly) they may be experiencing hearing loss. Speaking in a raised tone of voice when they are merely trying to convey something (read that as not angry) is a very clear sign that there might be something amiss with their hearing.


Automatically moves ear closer when spoken to

What is easy to locate about the indicators of hearing loss is that they are done consistently and automatically. When you are addressing your child and they tend to move their favored ear closer to you in order to hear you speak, you may be staring at one of the clearer indicators that something is amiss.

A pretty sure indicator is their face when you are speaking. If they appear that they are focused on your mouth (trying to read your lips) and seem like they are concentrating extra hard to try to digest your words, you may need to ask if they having difficulty hearing you.


Slipping Grades

An odd indicator, but often fairly spot on—if you notice that your child’s grades have been slipping drastically, schedule an appointment with the teacher. If there are any points like difficulty hearing, inattentiveness, or lack of participation in class, determine the causes. If both you and teacher agree that there are very little outside factors to illicit that sort of performance from your child, it might be time to take your child to their pediatrician.

For this pointer, it is crucial that you be kind. Do not bully your child into providing reasons why their grades might be slipping. Grades fall all the time and it is important to remember that your child needs your help most of all.



Early detection is important in order to help your child adjust and cope to any progressive hearing loss. If the hearing loss is temporary, getting them checked is a great way to get them started on recovery.


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