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Welcome to the website of the Audiology xyz.

What is Audiology?

This is commonly known as the section of science and medicine that primarily deals with the sense of hearing. With your hearing and good health in the line, it is critical that only the certified professionals be allowed to practice around you.

The audiologist is the professional who prevents, evaluates and treats people with hearing disorders (ex: deafness, tinnitus) and the vestibular system (ex: dizziness).

The hearing care professional is interested in the harmful effects of noise on hearing and health, and particularly on occupational deafness resulting from prolonged exposure to noise in the workplace and increasing deafness related to recreational habits. and listening to music for a long time.

The audiologist assesses the needs of the person in different situations (at school, at home, at work, in social activities) to provide him with appropriate and comprehensive services that will enhance his ability to communicate, his autonomy and his integration.

Beyond that, this website also serves to be a useful resource for ethical and highly useful discussions about audiology, general health, and other valuable tips.

In the world today, the health of the American public is facing a startling epidemic of illness. It is crucial to fully arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to stay healthy and to suitably guide those around you better health as well. We hope that you join us as we tackle several pertinent issues regarding your auditory health.

There is a striking rise in the number of injuries to the ears, please contact your local hearing professional to assess your hearing as soon as signs occurs.